At keast 80 killed as Syrian military college hit in drone attack

A drone attack on a military college in Syria’s Homs province during a graduation ceremony has killed at least 80 people and wounded 240 others, the Syrian health minister has…

Egypt's early presidential election campaign off to eventful start

Egyptians are gripped by a dramatic start to their country’s early presidential election campaign.source

What to know about the FIFA 2030 World Cup announcement

Morocco, Portugal and Spain will be hosts for the 2030 FIFA World Cup while Saudi Arabia will bid to host in 2034. FIFA and global football leaders reached an agreement…

Bobi Wine 'under house arrest' after return to Uganda

Police deny opposition leader’s claims he was grabbed by ‘goons’ after landing at the airport.source

What’s fentanyl, and why have deaths due to drug overdose spiked in the US?

The United States is imposing sanctions and launching indictments against dozens of Chinese companies and individuals it claims are involved in the illegal trade of the highly addictive drug fentanyl. The…

India-Canada tensions: Punjabi hip-hop stars hit by row over Sikh separatism

Shubh, for instance, asked people to “refrain from naming every Punjabi as a separatist or anti-national”, but he still faces criticism and some Indian cricketers – including former captain Virat…

‘Where’s the crowd?’: Fans deride empty stadium at Cricket World Cup opener

It was billed as the most anticipated cricket event of the year, held in the sport’s biggest stadium globally, in a country that is known to worship the game. But…

South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa moves to tighten porous borders with new force

The new border force is designed to curb rising illegal immigration – a major political issue.source

Is this the end of large-scale support for the war in Ukraine?

Renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs says the US should be pushing for negotiations and compromise to end the Ukraine war. Was it an historic blunder for Western leaders to keep expanding…

Putin makes nuclear-powered Burevestnik missile test claim

The Russian leader says testing of a global-range missile was successful, but that is not confirmed.source