Argentina election: Javier Milei, TikTok economist, leads polls

Can a former TV personality who’s vowed to blow up Argentina’s central bank win Sunday’s elections?source

Analysis: Two million human bargaining chips

Everyone has a strong opinion on Middle Eastern conflicts. People who never visited the region even as tourists, never studied the complex Arab-Israeli developments and relationships over at least the…

South China Sea: Why the Philippines and China are on a collision course

A new sense of urgency is pushing Manila and Beijing to greater assertiveness in the South China Sea.source

Gaza death toll tops 5,000, nearly half of them children: Officials

Children make up 40 percent of the dead since Israel started bombing the enclave, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health. Nearly 5,100 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip…

Venezuelan opposition unites behind María Corina Machado

Ms Machado plans to challenge Nicolás Maduro in next year’s presidential election.source

Western feminism and its blind spots in the Middle East

In our current era where digital platforms wield unparalleled influence, X – previously known as Twitter – is the closest thing we have to a global public square. Within this…

Bobi, world’s oldest dog, dies in Portugal at age of 31 (217 in dog years)

Bobi, a Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo, was the oldest dog verified by Guinness World Records. The oldest dog in the world, a Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo dog named Bobi, has…

'Hamas said they wouldn’t shoot, then murdered my daughter’

A daughter killed and father abducted – and Hamas filmed the family’s ordeal on Facebook live.source

‘He’s not dead!’ Palestinian mourns her son slain by Israeli forces

Nablus, occupied West Bank – Dunya Ghanem stood over her son’s body in disbelief. “Come on, Jihad, my love. Get up. Let’s go home,” she coaxed him in the morgue…

China toddler mauling prompts crackdown on dogs

The move has been widely criticised after reports that some dogs without owners are being euthanised.source