Hezbollah warns of regional war if Gaza bombing goes on

The BBC’s Orla Guerin spoke with Sheikh Naim Qassem, second-in-command of the Lebanese Shia Islamist group.source

Fire tornado sweeps through Australian outback

A video shared on social media shows a “firenado” sweeping through Tennant Creek in Australia’s Northern Territories. SilverBridle Contracting, a company working in the area at the time, posted the…

Afghans fleeing Pakistan lack water, food and shelter

Afghans fleeing Pakistan to avoid arrest and deportation are sleeping in the open, without proper shelter, food, drinking water and toilets once they cross the border to their homeland, aid…

US election day 2023: Three takeaways after Americans went to the polls

Voters went to the polls to decide their governor, while others considered changes to abortion rights.source

Fossil Fuel Use Increasing, Not Decreasing, as Key Target Looms

In 2030, if current projections hold, the United States will drill for more oil and gas than at any point in its history. Russia and Saudi Arabia plan to do…

‘For my daughter’: A hostel owner’s quest to put Tataouine on the map

What’s your money worth? A series from the front line of the cost of living crisis, where people who have been hit hard share their monthly expenses. Name: Abdelmajid Bouharba Age: 54 Occupation:…

South African divisions exposed by Israel-Hamas conflict

The government’s staunch support for the Palestinians is criticised by leaders of the Jewish community.source

Health institutions must demand an end to Israel’s atrocities in Gaza

Every morning for over three weeks, since the attacks on Gaza started, I have been waking up with a deep sense of dread about what I will see on my…

US election day 2023: What to watch for as Americans go to polls

Abortion access is on the ballot in Ohio, and Kentucky and Mississippi will choose governors.source

G7 calls for ‘humanitarian pauses’ in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza

G7 foreign ministers balance criticism of Hamas, support of Israel and push for ‘urgent action’ to help Gaza civilians. Top diplomats from the Group of Seven (G7) have called for…

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