First fuel truck since start of Israel-Hamas war enters Gaza

The first truck delivering fuel to the Gaza Strip since the war began has arrived in the besieged enclave. The diesel fuel truck arrived in Gaza via the Rafah border…

Arab and Muslim leaders blame West for Gaza misery

With the exception of Qatar, which hosts the exiled political leaders of Hamas, Gulf Arab rulers had grown tired of what they saw as the corruption, inefficiency and infighting of…

France issues arrest warrant for Syria’s al-Assad

The warrant charges Syria’s president with complicity in ‘crimes against humanity and complicity in war crimes’. France has issued international arrest warrants for Syria’s president, his brother and two other…

Climate change: US and China take 'small but important steps'

Progress seen in climate talks between world’s two biggest carbon emitters but major hurdles remain.source

DR Congo opposition discuss coalition candidate, fair election in Pretoria

The Pretoria meeting comes ahead of the December 20 general election in which President Tshisekedi is seeking re-election. Representatives of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s main opposition parties began talks…

Brazil: Health warnings as country gripped by 'unbearable' heatwave

More than a hundred million people are thought to have been affected by the extreme weather.source

An SOS call from Gaza

On the morning of Sunday, November 12, I received a plea, an SOS, from my dear friend Shireen, a Christian Palestinian in Bethlehem. “Ghada, do you know any institutions in…

Guinness World Record: Nigerian sets record for longest wig

Helen Williams had to lay the wig out on a highway in Nigeria so it could be measured.source

Why South Africa regrets its liberal post-apartheid asylum laws

Tough proposals will have far-reaching consequences for foreign nationals seeking refuge.source

Israel supporters gather in Washington DC amid Gaza war

NewsFeed Chants of ‘no ceasefire’ were heard as tens of thousands of people joined a rally in Washington DC in support of Israel as it continues its war in Gaza.…

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