Chad, Mauritania pave way for dissolution of G5 Sahel alliance

The G5 was created in 2014 but has secured only meagre results, even as insecurity remains a major issue across the Sahel. The two remaining members of West Africa’s G5…

Airline adverts banned over 'greenwashing' claims

The ASA said Air France, Lufthansa and Etihad had misled customers over their environment impactsource

Heavy rains and landslides kill at least 65 in Tanzania

At least 65 people have been killed in landslides and flooding triggered by heavy rainfall in northern Tanzania, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said on Tuesday, revising the death toll of…

Wieambilla shootings: US arrests man over Australian religious terror attack

The 58-year-old is being probed over a rural Queensland shooting ambush last December that left six dead.source

Mount Marapi: Indonesia rescuers find last missing hiker on volcano

At least 23 people are now known to have been killed on Mount Marapi, which erupted on Sunday.source

Paris 2024: Construction at surfing venue in Tahiti paused after coral damaged

Teahupo’o, on the French Polynesia island of Tahiti, is known as one of the world’s best surf spots The International Surfing Association (ISA) says it welcomes construction delays at the…

First survivor pulled out of Zambia landslide as rescue mission continues

Zambian authorities have said the yet to be identified survivor is being treated in hospital. Rescue workers in Zambia have pulled out the first survivor of a December 1 landslide…

Slovenia to provide Ukraine with 1.5 million euros for demining efforts

Slovenian Ambassador to Ukraine Mateja Prevolšek announced the country will provide Ukraine with 1.5 million euros ($1.6 million) for humanitarian demining efforts, Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy announced in a statement…

‘We are resilient’: Mauritius slowly consolidates ecotourism gains

Île d’Ambre, Mauritius – It is said to be the place where the last dodo was sighted. Yet, today, Île d’Ambre, an islet off the northeastern coast of Mauritius fringed…

Republican debate: Trump's rivals hunt elusive momentum

The four challengers are running out of time to generate attention before voting starts next month.source