Attack on Morozovsk airfield in Russian Rostov Oblast joint special operation of Ukraine's SBU, army

The attack on the Morozovsk airfield in Russia’s Rostov Oblast was a joint special operation of Ukraine’s SBU security service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, informed sources told NV on Dec. 17.

“Significant damage” was reportedly done to the equipment that was stationed there.

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The airfield was an important target, as it is the location of the 559th Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Russian Aerospace Forces, NV’s source revealed.

<span class="copyright">Спільнота monitor/Telegram</span>

Спільнота monitor/Telegram

There were reportedly up to 20 SU-34 aircraft at the airfield at the time of the strike. There were also three radar stations and other equipment on the airfield.

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“The airfield was attacked by drones,” the source said.

“Although Russia has traditionally claimed that all the UAVs were shot down, in reality, the Service and the Armed Forces inflicted significant damage to the enemy’s equipment.”

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Photos of the aftermath of the drone attack on a military airfield in Morozovsk, Rostov Oblast, Russia, were posted online earlier.

Pictures of at least one damaged warplane from the airfield are being shared on Telegram channels. It is likely to be a Su-34 bomber.

The photos show that the plane’s flaps are cut by the damaging elements. Telegram channels claim that if the damage hit the cockpit area, the plane will need serious repairs.

<span class="copyright">Спільнота monitor/Telegram</span>

Спільнота monitor/Telegram

<span class="copyright">Спільнота monitor/Telegram</span>

Спільнота monitor/Telegram

News outlet hromadske alleged that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry (HUR) was behind the drone attack on facilities in Lipetsk and Volgograd oblasts, but HUR’s source denied this.

Prior to that, the Russian Telegram channel Astra reported that overnight on Dec. 16-17, drones attacked a military airfield in Morozovsk, in Rostov Oblast of the Russian Federation.

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The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that its air defense system destroyed and intercepted 33 drones. The UAVs were allegedly shot down in Lipetsk, Rostov and Volgograd oblasts.

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