Ukraine’s long arm disrupts Crimea, its patience breaches Russian defences

Ukraine increased the range and effectiveness of its long-distance strikes in the 80th and 81st weeks of war, while evidence mounted that it had breached the Russian first line of…

British soldier charged over death of Canada businessman

Craig Gibson has appeared in court after the alleged assault in Toronto.source

Kim Jong-un Meets Vladimir Putin at Russian Spaceport

North Korea’s leader took a tour of the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s far east with the Russian president before they gave remarks.source

Talks between North Korea’s Kim and Putin end in Russia: What did they say?

A meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who rarely travels outside his country, and President Vladimir Putin in Russia lasted about five hours and wrapped up on Wednesday,…

Derna: Flood-hit Libyan city living through 'doomsday'

A Libyan journalist tells the BBC of a friend whose entire family was killed by the flooding.source

Guatemala’s crisis deepens amid new raids, suspended gov’t transition

A political crisis in Guatemala continues to deepen, as President-elect Bernardo Arevalo this week said he was suspending his participation in the government transition over raids on electoral tribunal facilities.…

Ex-Secret Service agent reveals new JFK assassination detail

Ex-Secret Service agent Paul Landis reveals a new detail some say upends the “single bullet theory”.source

Iran wants to give Ronaldo a special SIM card to access unblocked internet

Tehran, Iran – Iran wants to give Cristiano Ronaldo and other foreign football players who will soon travel to Tehran a special SIM card that will allow them to access…

In midst of Morocco earthquake chaos, surprising heroes: Villagers’ donkeys

When the villagers of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains were stricken by a powerful earthquake on Friday, they found themselves facing a situation they had never known before. They dug desperately…

Morocco earthquake: Young volunteers answer desperate calls for help

Scores of young volunteers help distribute aid for hundreds of devastated communities in Morocco.source