Communication blackout, fuel shortages worsen the situation in Gaza

Completely disconnected from the outside world, Palestinians are still living the horror of constant bombardments and Israel’s military on Saturday reissued an evacuation call for the northern Gaza Strip before an impending Israeli operation.

The Israeli army carried out massive air raids, targeting Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoon and Zeitoun, with medical and civil defence personnel saying recuse efforts were hindered by a communication blackout.

The entire communication system of the Gaza Strip has been destroyed, allowing only speculation currently about the sheer amount of damage that has been caused by the bombardment of the northern part of the enclave and Gaza City.

Israel, which says Hamas has placed its weapons and forces among civilians, has been telling Gaza’s residents to move south for their own safety.

“This is an urgent military advisory,” said spokesman Daniel Hagari on social media platform X. “For your immediate safety, we urge all residents of northern Gaza and Gaza City to temporarily relocate south.”

“The impending [Israeli military] operation is set to neutralize the threat of Hamas with precision and intensity,” he said.


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