French President reveals Hungarian PM's promise concerning Ukraine's EU accession

French President Emmanuel Macron has said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had personally promised him not to block Ukraine’s EU accession in case it fulfils all the conditions of the European Commission.

Source: Macron’s response to a question by Politico at a press conference in Brussels on 15 December, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The president commented on Orbán’s claims concerning probable blocking of Ukraine’s movement towards EU membership: “I asked him (Orbán – ed.) and he said that if Ukraine fulfils the seven conditions of the European Commission, then he will not block them.”

Macron also expressed hope that Hungary’s PM would not “hold Europe hostage” during the next stages of negotiations with Ukraine.

“The following months will be decisive for Europe and Hungary,” he added.


  • On 14 December, the EU leaders supported the start of negotiations between Ukraine and Moldova.

  • Even though the decision was being blocked by Hungary for a long time, its veto was neutralised when Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán was asked to leave the room during the voting and thus abstain from voting.

  • Orbán himself later claimed that he agreed to give up his veto right at the start of Ukraine’s EU accession talks since he would have many more opportunities to block this process.

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