Hungarian hauliers to block checkpoint on border with Ukraine

Hungarian truck drivers intend to block the Záhony-Chop checkpoint on the border with Ukraine starting Monday, 11 December, demanding the reintroduction of permits for Ukrainian hauliers.

Source: Hungarian Road Transport Association (MKFE)

Details: The police are reported to have given permission for the Hungarian hauliers’ protest, which aims to draw the attention of the European Commission and the Hungarian government to “the serious market distortions caused by the agreement between the European Union and Ukraine and Moldova, which has partially liberalised road transportation and put many Hungarian companies in a critical situation”.

The hauliers are calling for an immediate revision of the agreement and the reinstatement of licence quotas for Ukrainian-Hungarian transport, as well as intensive monitoring of Ukrainian hauliers.

The truckers will reportedly begin their protest on Monday near the intersection of the M4 motorway in Győr, similar to the protests by Polish and Slovak truck drivers that have taken place in recent weeks.

Background: The blockade of the Ukrainian border organised by a group of Polish hauliers has been going on for over a month. Recently, Slovak hauliers have joined the blockade.

Charities and NGOs supplying military aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces have faced several weeks of delays delivering critical supplies of drones, electronics and pickup trucks because of the blockade.

The European Commission has stated that it is opposed to the reintroduction of the permit system for Ukrainian truckers, as the Polish and Slovak border blockers are demanding.

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