In intercepted conversation, Russian soldiers discuss coup, ‘marching together to Russia’

Unrest has emerged among Russian invaders due to the almost complete absence of rotation of soldiers drafted under general mobilization, Ukraine’s HUR Intelligence Main Directorate said on Dec. 8, releasing an audio interception as evidence.

The audio comes from a phone conversation between two Russian soldiers, one of whom ended up in the hospital after being wounded.

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The Russians complain that the command of the Russian Armed Forces refuses to grant leave to mobilized soldiers due to a severe shortage of personnel, refusing to issue the necessary documents.

As a result, they are already discussing the possibility of a new military coup among themselves.

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“Here, the 6th army also, damn it, issued a law — not to give us combat veteran status, damn it.”


“So that we don’t go on leave, damn it. I say they’re completely crazy, damn it. They, damn it, press us everywhere.”

“Bastards, in short.”

“The second year is going, damn it! If I hadn’t been wounded, I’d be staying there as before.”

“Yes, and everyone is like that. Only contractors go on leave. We will soon, damn it, march together toward Russia.”

“I think the same way, damn it. If anything – start the damn engines and leave the hell out.”

“We’d go on foot too, damn it — it’s not far,” said one of the Russian soldiers.

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