Israel intensifies raids in the occupied West Bank

At least 10 Palestinians have been killed and 20 others injured during a raid by Israeli forces in Jenin city and refugee camp in the north of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has said.

Intense fighting was reported in the camp on Thursday, with black smoke seen rising over the city amid multiple explosions and gunfire.

“Occasionally, you can hear gunshots, there are explosions, and you can listen to an Israeli military drone overhead,” Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reported from Jenin.

“It all started in the early hours of [Thursday] morning with a raid on the camp. Nothing unusual about that – raids are a fact of life in the occupied West Bank, particularly here in Jenin. But we’re told the military came in and left behind special forces who were looking for Palestinian fighters.

“Once they were spotted, the special forces called for backup, and this major gun battle has been going on since then,” Smith said.

Israel’s military said it was conducting “counterterrorism” raids in Jenin, but gave no further details.

“The Israeli army will always say they are going after what they call ‘Palestinian terrorists’, and that’s the purpose of these raids. But since October 7, they have stepped up operations,” our correspondent said. “While they’re happening all over the occupied West Bank, most of them are here in Jenin.”


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