Most Azov recruits want to be snipers or scouts

Most of those who qualify for the ranks of the National Guard’s Azov Brigade want to be snipers and scouts, although these are highly demanding specialisms.

Source: Lev Pashko, an officer of the Azov Special Operations Detachment of the National Guard of Ukraine and Hero of Ukraine, in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: “I think there is a certain romanticisation of these specialisms. I was the commander of an infantry unit and we did propagate infantry romanticism. We succeeded in some ways. Scouts and snipers have their own allure.

You need to understand that in Azov, being a scout or sniper is a very difficult profession that requires a lot of endurance, a lot of physical training. It won’t be like in the movies.”

Details: Pashko says that while the Azov Special Operations Detachment of the Ukrainian National Guard needs combat specialists above all, it is also looking to recruit people who will handle the unit’s logistics.

For reference: Azov runs its own recruitment campaign to bring in new fighters. The selection process has two main stages: an interview and an initial combat training programme.

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