Protesters in Arab countries rally in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

Protesters took to the streets on Friday in several Arab countries in a show of support for the Palestinians against a continuing Israeli military campaign in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

In Jordan, a huge march was staged in the centre of the capital Amman following Friday prayers.

Some protesters chanted: “People want the liberation of Palestine,” “We die and Palestine lives,” Jordanian newspaper al-Ghad reported online.

Thousands of people meanwhile held an anti-US protest near the US embassy in Amman, according to al-Ghad.

Jordan, which maintains diplomatic links with Israel, has a large Palestinian community.

In Lebanon, dozens of people staged a silent sit-in near the French embassy in Beirut, protesting the killing of civilians in Gaza and calling for a ceasefire.

The protesters put ribbons on their mouths on which was written: “Gaza ceasefire”.

They also displayed in front of them body bags representing dead civilians in Gaza.