Rally participants not allowed into shelter in Mykolaiv during air-raid alert, police launch investigation

Participants of the Money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine rally were unable to get into the Mykolaiv city council shelter when an air-raid alert warning was sounded. The police launched an investigation into leaving citizens in danger.

Source: Mykolaiv Oblast Police, Novyny N

Quote: “Today, on 16 December, while ensuring public safety, police officers discovered that participants of public gatherings were not allowed to take shelter when an air-raid alert warning was issued.

Investigators of Police Department No. 1 of the Mykolaiv District Department initiated criminal proceedings over the incident under Part 1 of Article 135 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (leaving a person in danger).

The sanction of the article provides for up to two years in prison”.

Details: At the same time, local media outlet Novosti N reported that participants of the Money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine rally in Mykolaiv were not allowed to enter the city council shelter when the air raid was issued.

In total, more than 30 people took part in the event. An air-raid warning was sounded in the city during the rally. Officers of the Dialogue Police advised the protesters to either go to a shelter or disperse.

“There are signs on the city council building that there is a shelter inside, but it turned out to be closed. Attempts to reach the security guards inside were in vain. The picketers tried to get to the building from different entrances, but could not get inside. When the security guard opened the door, he only said that an all-clear had already been given and closed the door again. He refused to comment on the fact that he had not opened the door earlier, when an air-raid alert warning was issued,” the news outlet reports.

The outraged citizens promised to file a complaint to the police.

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