Russia turning to North Korea a sign of weakness — Ukrainian intel

North Korea is indeed of interest to the Russian regime, as it has a sufficient stockpile of Soviet weapons, but the need for such weapons is a clear indication of its poor state, Andriy Yusov, a Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) representative, told Radio NV on Sept. 11.

He commented on the reports that Russia plans to cooperate with North Korea, from which it plans to receive artillery shells.

It is “very telling” that Russia is forced to ask for both ammunition and weapons from other states.

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“When it comes to North Korea, this is not an example of high-tech weapons,” Yusov explained.

“We understand that despite the large stockpiles and huge warehouses, there is a shortage, in particular, a shortage of weapons for artillery systems. The information about cooperation with North Korea is nothing new, it’s already known. [Russian Defense Minister Sergei] Shoigu’s recent visit lasting several days was also dedicated to this. The lists of items Russia requested and applied for were much more extensive. Nevertheless, they did not receive confirmation or positive responses regarding all items.”

North Korea is indeed “of interest to the Putin regime because it has quite large stocks of Soviet-era weapons and the ammunition for them,” said Yusov.

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Ukraine cannot rule out the supply of North Korean ammunition to Russia, he said.

“As for the extent — it will affect the ability of the aggressor to continue (its) defense,” Yusov said.

“It is impossible to say that cooperation with North Korea alone will be revolutionary for the aggressor’s army in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia on Sept. 12 to meet with dictator Vladimir Putin — likely in the Russian city of Vladivostok on Sept. 13.

It is expected that one of the topics the two dictators will discuss will be the transfer of weapons from North Korea to Russia. The United States has already warned that if such a transfer takes place, Moscow and Pyongyang will face new sanctions.

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