UK weighing contingency to deploy forces to Ukraine if Russia greatly escalates war

Some countries are contemplating sending their armed forces to Ukraine, and the United Kingdom is the first on this list, Ukrainian diplomat, and former Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK Vadym Prystaiko said in an interview with Radio Liberty on Dec. 15.

Answering a clarifying question about whether Britain is ready to send its soldiers to Ukraine, Prystaiko stated that “no one will ever admit it, especially politicians.”

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“Every time they are asked, they will say, ‘no, no, no way, come on, we’d rather give them everything they need,’” Prystaiko said.

“But in reality, the military is making calculations that, God forbid, they will have to use armed forces. That’s why the military and diplomats are there, to plan for the future.”

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The state leadership must politically decide whether this plan is normal or abnormal.

“But it is our duty, and this is why you are hiring us, to plan for the worst.”

The UK would send troops to Ukraine in the case of a “catastrophic development of the war,” in particular, “the continuation of the occupation.”

British public opinion is not ready for this.

“Not a single democratic state is ready to (step in) despite Putin’s claim about the MI6 planning an attack on the Kremlin. ​​No. It’s very difficult for democratic states that depend on the re-election cycle, that depend on their voters, that have to explain themselves a hundred times to make the first step.”

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