Ukraine brings back 387 children abducted by Russia out of almost 20,000 – photo

Ukraine has managed to bring back 387 of the nearly 20,000 children abducted by Russia.

Source: First Lady Olena Zelenska on Telegram

Details: Zelenska said that each case is not a statistic but a unique special operation, and an international one at that: “Russia does not make direct contact with us. That is why children go home through third countries, with the mediation of many caring people.”

Quote from Zelenska: “That is why the cooperation of the world is important. That is why I am so hopeful about the coalition to rescue abducted children, which Canada proposed to create a month ago and which should start working soon.”

More details: Zelenska also pointed out that an equally difficult job is to create a sense of home for the children who have been brought back. These children have to be provided with opportunities to study and self-develop and to receive psychological, material and social support.

Most of the children abducted from Ukraine are orphans or deprived of parental care and were taken to Russia as part of entire orphanages. Therefore, Zelenska believes that the principled position should be that they should be met by their families upon coming home: “Even if it is a foster family, but a real one.”

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