Ukraine to start work with EU next week to prepare for accession talks

The Ukrainian government and the European Commission will start consultations on the preparation of the next steps for Ukraine’s movement to the EU next week, following the European Council’s decision.

Source: Olha Stefanishyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euroatlantic Integration of Ukraine, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Stefanishyna confirmed that Kyiv “planned next steps” after the European leaders approved the start of Ukraine’s EU accession talks.

“And the negotiations with the European Commission concerning the scanning of our state system and its readiness for the European Union will start as early as next week,” she said.

Stefanishyna stressed that the EU’s decision to approve the start of talks with Ukraine is “historic not only for us but for the EU as well”.

“We have a work schedule for the next three months. We will be preparing the framework of the negotiations, preparing for the talks, and forming the teams of negotiators. This process was initiated today,” Stefanishyna revealed.


  • At the EU summit on 14 December, EU leaders supported the opening of negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.

  • Although the decision on Kyiv had long been blocked by Hungary, its veto was overridden by persuading Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to leave the room during the vote and thus abstain from voting.

  • Orbán himself later claimed that he agreed not to veto the start of Ukraine’s EU accession talks since he would have many more opportunities to block this process.

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