Voronezh governor confirms death of Russian general in Ukraine

Russian General Vladimir Zavadsky was killed in Ukraine on Nov. 28, Voronezh Oblast Governor Aleksandr Gusev confirmed on Dec. 4.

Since the beginning of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has rarely officially commented on the reported deaths of its high-ranking commanders.

Zavadsky, who was the deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces, is the seventh high-ranking officer that Russia has confirmed to have been killed in Ukraine, independent Russian media outlet Important Stories said.

While Gusev claimed that Zavadsky “died at a combat post,” Russian media reports on Nov. 29 said that he was killed by a landmine explosion.

Pro-Kremlin newspaper Lenta wrote that Zavadsky was killed near Izium, Kharkiv Oblast.

The location of his death, however, is unlikely to be Izium, as the city was liberated from Russian occupation last September and now lies dozens of kilometers from the front line.

Separately from Zavadsky’s death, at least five high-ranking Russian officials were killed in a strike on the Russian-occupied village of Yuvileine in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported on Nov. 29.

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