Zelenskyy on Ukraine downing Russian missiles: Patriot, NASAMS and Gepard systems show great results

Ukraine’s defence forces have intercepted 104 out of 112 Russian Shahed drones over the course of this week, with air defence systems supplied by Ukraine’s partners showing great results.

Source: President Zelenskyy’s video address

Quote from Zelenskyy: “I want to commend our air defence forces. They destroyed 30 Shahed drones last night alone – a great result. A total of 104 Shahed drones have been destroyed so far this week out of the 112 launched by Russia. Each intercepted drone means lives have been saved and infrastructure facilities left unscathed…

Missiles, including ballistic missiles, have also been downed. Patriot, NASAMS, Gepard and other systems supplied to us by our partners are showing great results. I’m grateful to everyone all over the world who is helping [Ukraine].

We are planning to continue strengthening our air defence capabilities; several agreements have already been reached to this end. During almost every meeting I hold with leaders, during almost every set of negotiations this issue – air defence – is discussed. We will have more [air defence] systems, we will be better able to protect our skies.”

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